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Oct 22, 2003
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West yorkshire
Please can someone explain what exactly is "more than white"? I've looked on the search and found something to do with Fabric!! At the risk of sounding dumb could someone help me please!!

Thanks, Kelly :D
‘More Than White’is a liquid acrylic that you apply like a polish.
Hope this helps :)
Well it is applied like polish, but not on the top of the enhancement!

'More Than White' is a liquid white acrylic that is applied to the prepared tip of the enhancement before applying the overlay, for a permanent French look. It isn't a polish.

It works under Wraps, L&P or Gels. For those who find using white powder difficult or in the case of a wrap, instead of a French tip, and in the case of gels, for a whiter white than you can get with a white gel.

Makes maintaining the look very quick and simple as well ... just prepare, repaint the white tip concealing the regrowth and apply the chosen overlay.
Thanks Geeg for going into more detail :D
Your the experience one 8)
where can you buy this?

Never heard of it before?

i've read posts on 'more than white' and have ordered from leeds...but a question in the meantime! In previous posts, i have read about ruth's daisies along the smile line using MTW, but just wondered, do you have to use the brush the MTW comes with or can you use nail art dotting tools etc? Sorry if this sound really thick! I should receive mine in the next day or so, so shall have a play then!
Designer Nails is the supplier or any One Stop Nail Shop. You can't have been reading the message board :D :D
We've talked about it often.
It is a fairly new product designed to work with any system to create French White tips without having to buy French White tips.
Matter of fact, I've just done maintenance on my own nails using it this afternoon, before I head to the UK tomorrow, and if I say so myself ... they look the business. :oops: Not modest am I??
Yes must admit haven't got through all the posts yet 100s & 100s
bit of a battle with with my 14year old in the evening. Just got broad band at salon this week so easier but thanks for that will order and try

see you soon

Well I used to have that problem (I had 5 kids in my house) but now I have the computer all to myself :queen:

When you purchase, send me your e-mail address for the instructions - we are making a leaflet to put on the bottle, but I don't think it has gone to print yet. You will work better with it if you have the complete instructions ... like everything, it has a right way and a wrong way and you will need a few hints to help you to work successfully with it..
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