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Apr 23, 2003
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Hi! There!!

Need some advice from you lot out there. My first course was with Star Nails then I went on and did a conversion course. I am very happy with Creative products and I think the nails I do are not bad. What can I do next? What do they teach at master courses? and is airbrushing worth doing? I did a nail art course with Star nails, but I did not enjoy it, I don't think I am very artistic.
Any advice would be fab!
Thanks Sharon x
Hi Sharon - can't answer your questions but I was just wondering if you use any of the Star Nails products anymore and if not why not? I took the Total Technician course with Star Nails 6 months ago (enjoyed the nail art side of it a lot) but never got on with their products at all and have now converted to Creative gels and have today taken a course with Bio Sculpture which seems quite good - anyway just curious :rolleyes: :)
Well love,
On the Creative master courses Geeg , the Nail Geek or Mrs Geek are the best to advise you.

Here is a process of elimination for the art stuff..............
As for the Nail art course with Star Nails. What didn't you enjoy ???
Was it the designs they covered in the class?? Was it the way it was taught??? Do you like Nail art?
Why do you think you are not artistic?
Most Technicians that I know, haven't done a Nail art course in hand painting, they have just played around with art materials, me included.
Maybe you can start off, with just doing some handpainted dots and lines on nails, they soon turn into pretty flowery designs or cool abstracts and see where that takes you.
Look around some of the websites and see if you can do something like it.
the key to all of this is, if you enjoy it then you will be great sooner or later.
Maybe you could try someones airbrush and see if you like it ?????
that way you are not spending money only to find out it aint your thing!
I used to airbrush all the time, but found that I enjoy handpainting so much more, so maybe it's the other way round with you?
Well enough rambling on
hope this helped a little
love Ruth xxx
I bought a Nail Art Kit from Designer Nails and it comes with Paints, V-Brush Pens, 3 other brushes, a Video, some posters, and some re-usuable teaching guides, and I think it is quite good for beginners.
You don't becessarily have to be an artist to do some nice nail art designs.
If you can copy ... then there are lots of step by steps to copy and many books with lots of step by steps in them to help you along.
Everything you do does not have to be original work.
Look in the magazine too - they often have examples to follow.

Ring the education line at Designer Nails and they will be happy to talk you through all the Master Classes and their content - they are the experts on this and we have 5 Academy advisors who are fully trained and just waiting to take your calls and to help with information. Saves a lot of writing. We also have an Academy brochure that you can request that details all the various classes. They do all the booking for our 36 Academies so they are the ones to speak to.

Main number is 0113 275 5719 and ask to be put through to Education.
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