Moroccan oil


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Lil Ash

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May 13, 2008
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i have thick frizzy hair!!!!! and moroccan oil is the best on my hair so far... where can i get hold of this product.... salons in essex or london or the moroccan direct....

i had about 8 of my mates samples on my last bit :(
capital sell it, its beautiful!!! xox
Aston and fincher also sell it, I am very tempted to buy it too fro my clients!:)
Be careful and read the paperwork if you are planning on brining it into your shop. I personally refuse to carry it, as the rep informed me that the company SETS your prices, where most dont care what you sell it for. ( so long as you are not under cost on a regular basis)
She told me she would have to pull the line as I was selling it at about a dollar per unit under their price......??? never encountered a copany who sets my prices for me....???

I have now switched to Marrakesh which is almost identical in quality, scent and size......and i dont have some company with a god-complex telling me what my retail prices have to be.
Its also signifigantly less expensive.....
marrakesh 12.50 per bottle 100ml:green:
moroccan 19.50 per bottle 100ml:eek:
i love the macadamia oil they sellin in capital jus now, i bought a wee sample and am away to get big ones now cos it was amazzzin. same idea i guess x
I sell Moroccan oil by the bucket load. I live at in a tight fisted town but at £29.95, it is flying out the door. The reason being? It is just fabulous. I have tried the others but the real deal wins hands down. It lasts forever (I have had the same bottle since December, used every other day), smell great, makes your hair feel fab and stops that frizz! That is very much needed in my damp, seaside, Yorkshire town :)
Sorry if I am being mega thick, but does the setting of prices make it illegal to sell it at any other price/put it on offer?
No, it doesn't. There is some legislation about this. No company, in the UK, can insist that you sell a product at a particular price. They can only advise you on a recommended retail price (R.R.P).

I bought this up with GHD a while ago when there was a price war in my town. They told me they cannot enforce a price because of this legislation. :)
Thank you. I usualy just go with RRP anyway but sometimes I do offers, dont retail as much as a salon as I am mobile/Homebased. But like to supply my clients with high end products. Thinking of giving this a go as has excellent reviews!:)
You won't regret it. It is a fab product. I used the shampoo and conditioner on holiday in Egypt this year, first time I have been frizz free on holiday!
The whole 'price fixing' concept came up and i was basically told that if i didnt sell it at te price point they wanted, they would revoke my right to carry their product.
The rep was a very onoxious woman who would approach me while I was doing clients, yet she claimed to be a stylist herself. She rearrabged my shelves, insisting that the moroccan products should be front and centre...etc things of that nature...
She felt that the amount we were selling was far beyond what local competiton was selling, therefore the price should go up.??!!
I told her to pack her oil and hit the road.....
in came Marrakesh and we sell the same amount of that at a better price.

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