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Jan 10, 2003
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can you tell me how much the mosaic powders are and if they are sold in a set or single as they are not in the new CND catalouge that came today

many thanks
I'm working from home and don't have a price list here BUT, I will post the price tomorrow! The Mosaics come in a set and are not sold seperately - only the glimmer powders come seperately. The idea behind mosaics is that you can use them individually or you can mix them to create different colours. :)
If you log on to Christies Nails web site, she has done some really great work with them (just to give you an idea) but I will forward the price tomorrow. I am terrible with prices as it isn't really my area of the business but I will bring a price list home so I have one to hand! ;)

BTW - you have just received another edition of the original price list; our new one is being done now and will include all the NEW products! I think it should be ready by beginning of Feb! Hope this helps! TTFN ;)
thank you mrs geek you are a star as i said on an earlier post CND is always there to help you

... Mosaic powders are £35.00 plus VAT. There are 6 colours, Spanish Tile (reddy/pinky), Golden Glass (yellow), Colbalt Glass (blue), Terra Cotta (orange), Jade (green) and Quartz Crystal (purple). Hope this helps you - ;)
thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me i shall telephone CND and place my order :D
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