Mosiac Combo for Nail Biters


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Feb 28, 2003
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A little bird told me that the mosaic colours can be combined to create a colour which is perfect for sculpting on a nail biter & that this combo will disguise the natural nail* under the enhancement.

Any possibilities of us getting this recipe ?

*I use this term loosely!!!!
You may have to play around with this until you get exactly the colour you want but:
Use a small (very small) scoop to measure with and do
3 scoops perfect pink
5 scoops perfect white
one tenth of a scoop of Spanish tie
1 fifth scoop Terra cotta

If this is too 'peachy' play around till you get the colour you want.
Do the whole of zone 2 and 3 with the same colour
Some people add 5 scoops of twilight to make the colour a tiny bit less flat looking.
I hasten to add that I have never used this mix BUT I did have it applied to me while in the USA. And this is the recipe the technician gave me.
Please do not blame me if you don't like it!! :)
I would try it out on some tips first to see what you think.
Thanks 4 that.
I will try it out & see if I like it.
What type of container is best to mix colours in - and is there a special scoop avaliable that maybe has quantity marks on it????
I started out using NSI products and got a colour pack of powders which came with a few scoops.
If you have no joy getting any, let me know and I`ll send you one
thanx 4 that - i may do, will look aroung first tho
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