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Feb 19, 2008
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Sussex, UK
Hi all,

I'm just sitting here using this horrible wet rainy bank holiday to do my accounts (What fun!), and at the same time I'm logging in my treatment's shown me pretty much what I already knew, that my most popular treatments throughout the year are eyebrow waxing, eyebrow threading and facial threading....

So what...??!!! I have this information in front of me, in black and white, and I'm trying to figure out what I can do with it? What do you geeks do with this information? I certainly don't want to offer a discount on my most popular treatments...but how can I capitalise on this? How do I use this information to my advantage?? Having the info is great, but how do I work with it to make MORE next year??!!

It's also shown me my least popular treatments. Now, some of these I'm not bothered about pushing, but others I wouldn't mind doing more of. I think my grey matter is a little mushy this afternoon, if anyone can help me out and give me some ideas to get me going again I'd be grateful..!
If it was me I'd be looking at the least popular treatments and work out why? Too expensive? Ur not that good at it etc etc

Then use ur popular treatments and incorporate . For example say eyebrow tinting was ok but not popular run offer of half price tinting with every eyebrow wax or even a one off free tint with eyebrow wax show ppl what it is or say facials are popular but file and polish to toes army offer it half price and do it whilst mask drying etc

Don't special your popular treatments these are your bread and butter of your business so add on to them.

Also what I do is a chart each month like a graphso I can see what's popular and when so then you can prepare yourself.

So say may last year you did the most spray tans run a special in may of say a body scrub half price when having a tan or retail products have a deal on with a spray tan (scrubs moisturizers etc)

Also using the unpopular ones do say December is time u do least pedicures have a really good deal in in dec for them.

Sorry am waffling hope I make sense x

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