most profitable - lash extensions or spray tan?


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Jul 5, 2010
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sunny surrey
Hi everyone, i am wanting to train in lash extensions and spray tans. Wondered which one is most profitable as that is the one i will do the training on first. I have no idea how much profit can be made for either, I am thinking of xen tan and nouveau lashes. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks.
Hi,I started out doing spray tanning after doing a lot of research into the best,course,equipment,insurance, ect and come up with my business plan.

Spray tanning was the least initial outlay for equipment and products,so I started out with that and built up a client base,once I had a steady income and regular client base I used this to find out which other treatments clients would like. Lashes came out next along with nails.

I decided to go with lashes as I was really interested in doing this treatment anyway and had a few guinea pigs set up to practice,practice on. So I am now building up a regular base through this now. Its a lot of practice and skill involved and will take you a bit longer to master than the spray tanning. So I have found it was good to start with the tanning as you still have an income as you master your speed and technique with the lashes. Obviously the lashes are a lot more of an expensive turn around than the tanning.

spray tanning is massively profitable !! the cost per treatment in solution is less than 1.50 :)
an average mobile appointment is 20 mins with a regular and around 30 mins with a first timer,for a salon appointment or spray tan party we suggest you book a 20 min slot per customer.
Its relatively easy to learn how to spray tan,
I have watched people doing lashes and personally i wouldnt attempt it :irked: I as i would either have there eye out with the tweezers or glue them shut !!
but i can spray tan :hug:

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