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May 12, 2003
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I was wondering how I can get hold of the Creative aprons? Every time I go in to the one stop nail shop I ask if there are any in and by now I must be driving Denise crazy!

I really would like to get hold of some, but I was told that Creative won't be getting them in again. Is this true?

If so then I think that is a huge shame, because I think they look very professional and I would really like to get my hands on some.

Thank You

Beautiful Nails and post tonight if I have time!! x :rolleyes:
I was just reading the post abount aprons and thats what I'm looking for but I want a black one that I can get my logo stitched into, can anyone help me out here and point me in the right direction?
i have seen the aprons in the broucher and wondered if they are suitable for more than one use or are they the disposible kind? realy handy for the old pedicures! you should see what a mess i make :D
so are they still up for grabs mrs geek or will they not be stocking them anymore? will there be any at excel do i need to camp out for them :D
nickki jonesx ;)
please please please get some aprons , oh i really hope there are some at excel.

I will be sooooo happy if i can buy one please reserve one for me

cazza :D :D :D
Has anybody got information on this? Or did anybody buy aprons at Excel?
(I'd prefer Creative but anything will do at the moment!) :D
hi ya hun i asked one of the girls on the creative stand at excel about the aprons and she said they didnt have any because they where being discontinued she thought maybe they would be bringing out something to replace them eventually.
shame realy wanted some!! nickki jonesx :D
I have Chris (Purchasing & Logistics) checking everything for me...I haven't potsed yet 'cause I don't have an answer yet!!! Will post when I do I PROMISE :rolleyes: 8) ;)
Thank You very much, I know you must have millions of other things to do. I really appreciate it. :D

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