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Jan 26, 2011
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Hi geeks do any of you have a copy of msds sheets for d sperse and dsolve?

I have been om CND.COM and cant see them on there,so was wondering if someone has them that they email it to me?
Oooh could I get a copy too if anyone has them?
I have checked on there and i cant find them but i will look again x
Once you've logged in you need to look under Tools & Support.

Thanks Lucy but the ones i need are not listed, will ring the fingertip centre in the morning x
Sorry it didn't work, Sarah. We don't use those two products here in the U.S. I'm able to find everything else there but those two...else I'd send it to you.
Hi it's ok i have messaged the fingertip centre on facebook, and they are going to email them to me,but thank you for your help x:hug:
Ah, sorry about that! Let us know how you get on! x
I spent yesterday printing out MSDS and I knew that something was missing but couldn't remember which products. Glad I saw this post. Will S2 or the academy Manchester have them?

X :)
I have just spent ages and a whole HP XL ink cartridge printing these off yesterday...have 8 more to do and am currently awaiting a new ink cartridge!!

Would I need to phone S2 to get the copies here xx
Try s2 i will hopefully have mine tomorrow at some point i can email them to you if you want? x
IF you pm me your email addy as soon as i get them tomorrow will email them to you x
Have pm'd you my email and also emailed my EA so hopefully should get them. I am a newbie, start manicure training tomorrow so I'm just learning the products, are these the only two that are missing? :) xx
I have them now, got d sperse, d solve and d colour x
I know im a bit late on this but would anyone mind emailing me the copies pleaseeeee????!

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