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what type of music do you like to hear in salon's

  • radio

    Votes: 38 54.3%
  • classical

    Votes: 5 7.1%
  • pop

    Votes: 11 15.7%
  • other

    Votes: 14 20.0%
  • none

    Votes: 2 2.9%

  • Total voters
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Crazy Geekette
Jan 10, 2003
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just wondered what type of music you all like to hear in salon's i usually just have the radio on
It depends on the custoemr I have coming & the service I'm performing. When its anything Spa, then I play clasical, usually, Pachebel by Cannon or Mozarts 21st Piano Concerto. Some times a little Schubert.

If its extensions then normally, Ella Fitzgerald, some Nina Simone(haveto becareful which, as some of hers is a bit mordid) or Dinah Washington. Frankie Sinatra & Deano are always sure fire hits with my customers.
I always find that whatever the age of my clients, light Jazz is always appraicated & everybody knows most of the tunes!!
...i don't own a salon as you know but... when in a salon and if having a Spa Ped then I love relaxing music - some of those 'mood' cd's are quite good! But, I'm an 80's chick - what can I say!!! :oops: :oops: :D :thumbsup: :tongue:
You wanna try being a 70s chick, if I was to put on Bay City Rollers I don`t think I`d have any clients left. I`d rather have the local radio on, at least it has a variety and a bit of local gossip
Music is such an integral part of the salon environment...

I always insist on Jazz... it's classy and about the most least offensive style of music you can choose.
Depends on the client and service. Anything spa gets classical or something like Enya, or I also have a Victoria's Secret CD that is quite nice. Anything enhancement usually gets something a little more upbeat. I have a large selection of CD's and will let the client choose. If we can't decide, then it's the radio.
I usually play Spanish music, classical quitar, Jesse Cook, even Julio Iglesias ;) ...stuff like clients like it especially in the winter, colder months, as it reminds them about sunny beaches and nice destinations.
If my client wants to relax I play Enya or other instrumental music.
Sometimes I play radio, easy listening.
I wish I worked in a salon with like minded people, nothing as soothing and stimulating at the same time as a bit of jazz, I go for Roy Ayers, 'searchin'or' everybody loves the sunshine', or Terry Callier 'I dont want to see myself without you' or theres always Jill Scott. Must remember to beg liza [My boss on Saturdays] to buy a new sound system for the salon! :fro:Must rember to take my cds in on Saturday and see what reaction I get. What do you listen to?
In my room at home i have a mac computer and i nearly always put the internet radio on....smooth talking just music. (on the radio that is!)
I love it.
I used to put a cd on but it takes me over 2 hours to do a full set and it meant either changing the cd or listening to it over again!!!! :o
Lots of people have remarked how nice the music is, so i guess i will stick to that!
hi everyone
on the subject of music in the salon any of you have a music license ?
the other day i had a hairdresser client in to have her nails done and she told me that her boss had recently received a fine for not having a music license...she only has the radio on :confused: ..i didn't even know you needed to have one :?: but apparently if a paying customer as opposed to a friend or visitor listens to any type of music at your place of business need a license:cry:
i think this rule sucks :evil:
we have a very "peacefull" salon enviroment ( everybody has to put there phone of ( hardly anyone does! lol))
and so we play all the feng shu (wrong spelling) type of music.
And i can understand that when you're havin a facial or a massage or any of those type of treatments that it is quite relaxing..
BUT.. ( and here it comes) often when i do peoples nails they'd be half asleep on my arm rest listening to that type of s**** (excuse my french)
Or they'll ask me did we steal the cd from the chinese restaurant next door!!

If it was up to me i'd have a bit more uptempo music downstairs where we do the nails, but unfortunately it isn't.

Being a 70s/80s girl, I have to have Radio 2 on. I love the music quiz in the morning and get all my customers answering questions. It has to be switched over after 7pm and at weekends as it gets a bit iffy.

The Public Performance/licence issue might be right. But good grief how many small shops/hairdressers have such licences? Mind you, if anyone is going to get caught and done for this it will be me :mad: I bet its got something to do with royalties and artists, and I can see their argument and logic, but OMG, the red tape :rolleyes:
Since Oct. 2003 I've been working in a Tanning Salon and w/8 beds going most of the time and w/everyone having a their own radio/CD on it's a bit interesting at times. ;) :|
It is indeed true that you require a licence to listen to music in the salon, i am afraid and it does'nt come cheap for the priviledge!!! But then again i have never heard of any body getting fined in my area for not getting the license, It never rains but it pours in england!!!!!

I have a licence in my salon and their are a few types available, there is one for just listening to the radio which is about £95 per annum and then if you want to listen to cds you have to get a licence for that to at an extra cost or the combined licence. I "escaped" for quite a few years so wait until they write to you dont volunteer yourself. They will write to you when they find you so its best to get a licence when they do as the fines are pretty large.
we have xm satelite radio and we keep love songs on all day......kinda gets old but,the clients like it.
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