My gel nails sometimes seperate at the free edge!


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Jul 5, 2007
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Hello everyone,
hope you can give me some advice, i am quite new to Brisa gel and my nails sometimes change colour slightly at the free edge, almost like there is water trapped and when you press it it moves further up the nail. It spoils the look,it happened after a couple of days. As i am curious as to what it is i started to pick and a clear layer came off. When i applied them I really made sure that all the shine was off when i shaped the nails , before the finishing gloss, and my prep seems okay, because i am left with gel over nail the plate. Any advice please! :confused:
You need to cap the free edge with each layer, are you doing this ??
Yes i try to wrap the nail including the free edge , should i be scrubfreshing before applying finishing gloss, only wasnt trained to do so.
Brisa only sticks to: Its self (inhibition layer) a 180 grit filed surface, or liquid bond.. so no you dont S/F unless u have filed and then touched the surface getting natural oils onto the enhancement. After filling to shape you wipe the dust off with a dust brush (concentrating on the lateral folds to get it all out) being careful not to touch the nail with your own fingers and then Finishing gloss. I've worked with brisa a bit (all thou no longer do) and never come across the problems your having.
And take care not to file away your 'cap' when finish filing, before the gloss.

If you still find it problematic, you could use forms to extend the edge just a smidge, and cap that way.

Geeg gave a great technique on here and ever since I started using it I don't get any free edge lifting on me or my clients. When you file the gel at the free edge do not file at an angle that is 90 degrees, or perpendicular to the nail. Instead angle your file so that it is at 45 degrees (with the top of the file towards you). Doing it this way instantly caps the nail as the product is then slightly longer than the natural free edge ... et voila lifting is a thing of the past! Also make sure your clients do it this way if they file their own nails between visits.
:) Cheers everyone am doing my own tonight and will take all of that on board, thanks!
yes i always scrubfresh again prior to topgloss...just make sure you allow it to dry. x

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