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Oct 9, 2004
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Hi guys & gals, I posted a few weeks ago about a couple of my clients nails yellowing and not being able to work out what is was...... well I think I may have found the problem.... CONTAMINATION!!:cry:
But I'm not sure, I've always been VERY careful with it, clean it monomer and store it away in a brush box, flat. I noticed today when I was cleaning it that as I put tissue over it to wipe of excess monomer yellow spots, just at the shaft, where the metal meets the bristles. I tried again but this time just wiped it on tissue and there were no yellow streaks it just seems to be when I push down on it. Am I explaining it properly?? It's difficult to describe..........
Anyway, do you think this is definatley contaminated? If so is there anything I can do to save it, maybe soak it overnight or something. I have done a search and seen some wild and wonderful ideas but not to sure about trying them.
The wierd thing is that it's not yellowing every set that I've done just these few clients so I'm kinda hoping it's not contaminated.
Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.
Linds xx
Maybe you could blue tack the brush to the wall in a dappen dish of monomer overnight? Be careful that it is placed correctly though.
You could buy a new brush anyway, it's not worth having problems for the price of a brush. And it'll be useful for when this one needs replacing at some point.
Buy a new brush.. once theres contamination in the ferrule theres no real way to clean it out... and believe me I have tryed... its far less stressful to buy a new brush.. I have a heap of brushes.. but also have a brand new pro styler in its packaging in the back of my draw...... Just in case lol

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