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Aug 4, 2003
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Enfield, North London, UK

I have just uploaded my website, it is still rough around the edges but if anyone would like to have a look click on my "www" button. Any constructive criticism gratefully accepted,


Hi, Just looked at your website and it is very nice.
Your nail art pics are lovely.
Good Luck with the rest of it. :D
hi sarah
just checked in out...well done you should feel very proud!!!! :D

one thing though, i think your price are too cheap!
I like it, nice and tidy and the nailart is so pretty..........
Good luck, lets hope you get loads of bizz from this...........

Dont forget a webpage is only working for you if you submit it to a search engine.............. They are loads that will do it for free.............
Just type in the address search engines ......... and then submit it to as many as you can.............

Should be great for business !!!!!
Well done! :thumbsup:
you have some super nail art on there and it really does look professional!
Hi ya Sarah :D

Took a look and loved your nail art. J :flower: ust wait until you go on the FDFC and start doing enhancements too, it will be pukka!

I would love to do nail art myself but I thought I would so the FDFC first then start researching how the best way to learn the sort of beautiful designs I keep seeing on this board!

Well done Sarah, and all you others that seem to be sooooo excellent at nail art and coloured acrylics. I am greeeen with envy :alien:

xx Tamm
hiya just looked at your site , well done it is really nice and your nail art is brill ,you should be very pleased with your self , love dee
Its a really good site Sarah but Ruth is right, you need a search engine. You really deserve people to see what you can do
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