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Feb 19, 2007
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Northern Ireland
Hi, I was just wondering what kind of brushes you use for nail art. I was thinking of buying some v-rush brushes and acrylic paint as the nail art pens are so expensive.

Where do you buy your brushes and paint and are you satisfied with the result?

Many thanks for any response:hug:.
I have bought the majority of my brushes from craft stores and Designer Nails. My paints are also from craft stores or Sina acrylic paints, they dry very fast and you can get allsorts of finishes.
The brushes that peeps use to paint toy soldier figures are good as they are tiny and fab for detail!
I use Spangles nail art paints and brushes :)

available from sally's, ellisons, beauty express, capital
I think Sandi aka ValencianNails uses acrylic paints and brushes from an art shop, but I'm sure lots of other nail-arty geeks will be able to help you with their valuable advice.
I like to use the nail art pens, as I cannot get on with the brushes and pots of paint. I got mine from Argos but a few girls I know got theirs from ebay and they are really cheap from there.
Thanks for your replies:hug:. I bought some artists acrylic paint but it doesnt come off too well with nail polish remover! It also smudges when I put the top coat on:irked:.

I bought some of the nail art pens from ebay a while back and found the brushes that come with them too thick, suppose I could buy seperate finer brushes (duh)! Can anyone recommend a good website for these products?

I have just pm you about some brushes.

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