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Hi Kitty,
Thankyou very much for the information. I will be down there at the weekend!!! Do you know any names for the brushes or should i just chose a selection! Thankyou once again!
Lou xxx


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Apr 21, 2003
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Hi, I know that a lot of questions have been answered on nail art brushes and the information i have found has been useful. But i was wondering if anyone had names of the brushes and where in the UK i am able to purchase some. The brushes i have are star nails but i only own a few and want ot invest in some better ones! Any ideas will be gratefully received. Thanks xxx :D
Git yerseln down to Hobbycraft, lass! in my most appalling 'northern' accent(its ok, I'm married to a Yorkshire man, I'm allowed to take the mickey :D )

I looked on their website for you &Bolton Gate Retail Park the address of the Bolton store is;
13-15 Round Hill Way
Turton Street
their website is
They are a large sort of warehouse for hobbys & arts & stuff, they do loads of brushes..

Good luck & post your pix,
Try liner brushes in 10/0 and 20/0 and Christie's famous Fibert - I still haven't been able to find one of these!!!!!!
Michelle's right - Christie's FILBERT brush is as famous as her nail art! :D Just get whatever you think will give you good detail and you think you'll be comfortable handling.
re the famous filbert brushs, i have just orered some via the internet, very fast delivery too, from lawrence art supplies, but at the moment cant find the webaddy sorry, try doing a search for the above, if you have no luck, let me no and i`ll find em for you later. :thumbsup:
bye for now dawn.
kitty said:
Git yerseln down to Hobbycraft, lass! ,

You watch ye sen Kitt-e, I were born in Skipton n dornt furgit tha livst outsid a Leeds!!!!! :D
As an Essex girl (alright Trace!!!) I'm totally lost!! :?
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