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Aug 28, 2003
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been watching qvc for the last 2 hours....the special value for today is a set by special fx....its got 15 mini polishes, 15 rolls of foil and a full size foil adhesive and a full size top coat all for under £25

i bought a set the last time it was the special value price but its still in the box, i've not got round to trying it out yet

has anyone tried their stuff and if so what did you think of it?

Yeah, Ive Brought these before off qvc, And they are great value for money. They are a very high quality and yes i would recommed them.
Hope these helps
i have also bought the special value on QVC i have tons of nail art products from there, they are excellent value and give some great effects.
I must admit to never having tried the enamels from this range but the foils etc I have, and they are a really quick and easy and a very effective finish! (In my opinion). I think part of the secret of the foils though is to make sure the foil adhesive has gone completely clear on the nail before creating your design (it applies almost white)......Its a big temptation to put the foil on before this and it really does spoil it!

I saw the Todays Special Value too! :D
(101 beauty gifts all bloomin day!)

Hope this helps you decide whether to go for the TSV or not!
it all looks very easy when you see them demonstrating on tv but when it comes to me doing it myself i'm not too :D

the tsv is definately good value for money as i have seen single rolls of foil being sold for £3 or £4 adhesive or polish or topcoat :o

probably by the time i get around to ordering it now it will be sold out :( but never mind that means that there will be some one time only prices throughout the day so i will still be able to pick up a bargain :D

i've got to admit i am a bit of a qvc other half cringes everytime the postie comes as he never knows what i have ordered next ;)

I have recently tried these products, rather a strange way of coming about them though, my best friends mum lost her battle to three types of cancer bless her, and she left to me her nail art things, she was such a lovely lady.

Anyway they just so happened to be Special FX products, such as gem kits, and foils, I have tried them and they are great.

An honour to be a friend of hers and super to have been left great products.

Grace x
Do you know if the Special FX can be bought from anyone other than QVC. They don't ship outside the UK
Special FX products are also called Spangles by United Products Nottingham. They can be bought from Sally or Salon Services in England. I am sure they must have distributors in other countries. I have just found a tel no. for export sales maybe they can tell you were to buy from. +44 1773 536 942 .
good luck
specail fx is on qvc again at 2am if anyone is still awake then :shock: !! dont think i will be! hopefully it will be on again at a reasonable time :D nickki jonesx
I love Special FX on QVC. I have lots of different sets and think the prices are great. My local wholesalers cannot compete with QVC prices. I also purchase bits off Ebay. The foiling is quick, easy & foolproof! My husband & now my son (13) cringes when the postie arrives with yet another QVC purchase but hey you only live once! As I say to my husband " I do not smoke" unlike him!
I have also purchased the tsv 15 polishes and foils ect. It is very good value however i havent really had much of a play with them. but one problem i encountered is the polish coming off onto the foil and not sticking to the nail. so anyone have any advice on how long to leave the polish before applying the foils. or has anyone else had a similar problem.
thanks for any advice dawn
I find foils too time consuming to use in the salon. They look great on top of painted nails, but the idea of painting the nails, waiting for that to dry, applying the adhesive and waiting for that to dry, the applying the foil - surely life is too short :rolleyes:

I have tried airbrushing a base colour and then applied adhesive - great if you want coloured adhesive!!!!

If one of my customers really wants foils on top of polish - I paint them one day and have them come back the next day for the foil.

Am I being really thick and missing a major trick here?
I find if you only put one coat it doesn't lift when you are applying the foil. Usually a couple of minutes and then just test its okay to touch.
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