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Jun 4, 2007
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Morning everyone,

I wanted some advice please .... I saw a woman at College last night who was displaying her nail art, and it was fab, like the pictures on here (you're all so talented). I was talking to her about it 'cos I think it looks soooo pretty. She did a 1 day Spangles course at Capital, a bargain at £70. I'd love to book myself on but I'm worried I won't be good enough. I'm not an 'arty' person and my drawing is awful - I was the one always catching up on homework in my Art lessons!

I was just wondering if you were are all fab at drawing etc and that's why your nail art is so good?

Thanks :hug: x
On a nail art course they teach you basic techniques, flicks, applying rhinestones, flowers, decals, striping tape, flat rhinstones, dots, teardrops etc.( at least they should do anyway.) you don't have to be artistic for the basics. like anything in the nail industry
practice practice practice. the course will inspire you to become creative so i say go for it you will really enjoy it.
I did the spangles nail art course really enjoyed it and as the last person said they only teach you the basics. As you have more practice your designs become more outgoing ! You should go for it !!:)
I did a VTCT 20 week nail art course, I night a week for a few hours.
I did already have an interest in art and previously went to art college but some of the girls on the course did really well even though they weren't "naturally arty" as they put it.

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