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Nov 30, 2003
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If a client wants nail art on her natural nails what is used for preparing the surface and what system should I use? Not sure if airbrush and stencils can be used. I'd like to offer a small variety of art to propose to my clients, just not sure what equipment is needed...... Help please! ?

Another question what other methods of doing art produce good results if you don't have airbrush?
For years I did hand painted nail art. I used to paint porcelain of Limoges professionally, so flowers are my expertise.

Then I discovered the airbrush and started to do my base colours with it, and hand painted on the top. I prefer hand painted nail art to stencils of any kind, but that is probably because I have professionally painted by hand and am very familiar with it.

Any design that you produce on natural nails will only look as good as the surface you paint it on. Therefore it is vital that the surface be made as smooth as possible before you start. I used to give the natural nail a gentle buff with a 1200 grit abrasive (Koala Buffer) in the direction of nail growth and then sanitize well. I then used a really good ridge filler (one or 2 coats) to get a smooth even surface. Then on went the base colour and the hand painting. Seal the design with a good top coat.

Of course nail art does not last as long on the natural nail as it does on an enhanced nail but using this method we could usually get 2-(3 if we were very lucky) weeks wear.
Thank you Geeg,

Ok now I have to go get a ridge filler and a good top coat, I was thinking of Creative Nails should do the trick....!!!

In addition to the previous post - it's a great opportunity to increase your retail sales also. Sell your clients a good quality nail art top coat and advise them to apply a coat every couple of days or when design starts to look a a little dull.

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