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Jan 8, 2004
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Hi guys and gals........

I just wondered, as i am a newbie to all this, I have been doing nail art with spangles paints and others similar to this and they dont seem to be very good!

If i paint them thinly, then they dont cover very well, if you do it thick, then they dont dry properly! I've heard some of you say you use acrylics, is this the normal arylic you buy in artists shops?? Whats your fave products to use?

Also, (sorry!! :o ) I find the spangles precision painter, isn't very good either!! What is the best brush to use for painting fine detail?

And (the last thing.....promise!!) What are the cheapest rhinestones to get and where's the best place to buy them from.

Thank you...................

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ah nail art, my favorite subject. yes use ordinary acrylic paint from a craft shop, it works out way cheaper than those itsy bitsy pots and it doesnt dry up so quickly. use water to thin paint and clean brushes.while you are at the craft shop look at the artists brushes. i use a liner brush for stripes ,flicks dashes etc. a filbert brush for flowers, leaves etc. a dotting tool for some petals and spots. if i want to do tiny dots ,say for stamens on flowers or something i use an orangewood stick filed to a sharp point. rhinestones are great value from millenium nails or from
Sorry to hear about your problems, I was trained in Spangles back in May 2003 and all my pots (about 30) to date are still fine and have done over 100 tips to date problem free :p . Do you use the dotting tool aswell, and may I ask what you use the precission painter for? I mainly use their Skinny Striper and the Striper. But if these aren't working for you then get yourself to a artist shop and buy a brush you feel you can control better.
If they paint is drying and crazing then you might be loading your brush to much. On the paint said I have bought paints from Toys R Us which are acrlic bases and they are good too & cost about the same. Hope this helps!
hi you could also try nail creations (01427 891424 ) they have some nice transfers which are a good way of introducing nail art to your menu the toe ones are niceest and fit the fingers just as well, their gems are good value to.
Millenium is always good value.
sawasdee ka

try google search after reeves acrylic paint click on number 2 kerads after find box acrylic paint is green and yellow box have 18 color 10 ml money england 4.42 is very best product and not exspensive .

Nail art brush buy i craft shop have size 0 1 2 3 4 not exspensive you can cut some with scissor if you want make how you want for use .

mui from the land of smiles and sun shine
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