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Nov 7, 2013
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West Midlands

I have been practising nail art with just normal nail polish and now want to try with gels. It is just the same method with gels or do you apply the gel polish coat and then add any pattern on with normal nail polish before you cure it with a top coat?
I cure with a top coat and then do the art then TIO and cure again... Then if you make a mistake you can simply wipe it off, without compromising the colour x
Thanks for your help. What does TIO mean?!
Top It Off
That's the name of the Gelish top coat
Oh right ok! How do you just wipe it off though if you have cured the top
It off coat on after?
You can either do the colour coats and top coat then do art in usual paint/polish. Then you can clean it off if you make a mistake or want to change and the colour is intact.
If you want to do gel art and top coat it after then of course you can't change it without soak off.
Ok brill. Thank you very much for your help :) x

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