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Jun 15, 2007
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I am going to have a client (male) who is a nail biter (and cuticle biter) and
he wants a manicure but nothing fake or polish in his nails.
I am thinking of the procedure since it's the first time I have a nail biter

1. CoolBlue
2. shape free edge (if possible)
3. Cuticle remover
4. Remove cuticles
5. Wash hands
6. Cuticle eraser, solar oil
7. Scrub with Solar manicure
8. Heated mitts
9. Solar silk
10. Buff nails.

I am thinking of using the solar range for this situation and the heated mitts
for solar oil and solar manicure oils to penetrate deeper in the nail and skin.

Is this treatment enough? Should I do something else?

I was reading the threads and about the Hot oil treatment and I was wondering
if that could help, but when should I soak the nails in the oil, before or
after the cuticle remover? Will cuticle remover be necessary in this case?

Sorry for all those questions but I really need some help if this treatment I am thinking would have any results.
Thank you :hug:
Anyone please ??
Warm oil treatments should be done after the cuticle work. You say he bites his cuticles - If his cuticles look sore cuticle removal products will be painful so if thats the case dont do it.
Thank you amirose for your reply!!!
If I can't use cuticle remover, should I use cuticle oil or to soak in water + soap instead ?
Heres what I would do (if his cuticles were sore)

TRY and shape the nails but its likely that the hponichium will be overgrown. Be very careful you dont hurt him my partner bites his nails and I always hurt him because I'm not careful with his nails lol!

Apply cuticle massage cream and push back the cuticles with thumb frictions

Repeat on the other hand then rinse of the cream.

Apply buffing paste and buff all his nails.

Soak the nails and finger tips in the warm oil for about 10-15 minutes

Take the first hand out and complete your normal hand massage making sure you massge the oil into his nails as weel as his hand and arm, then do the same on the other one.

Hope that helps!
Thank you very much amirose :Love:

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