Nail biter nails, help!


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Bluebelle Nails

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Mar 15, 2012
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ARGHHH!!! These are my sisters nails after i spent THREE AND A HALF hours applying acrylic tip & overlay (start to finish). She is a nail biter and her nails are kinda wonky- anyone know how to upload a 'before' picture in this thread?? As far a i could see i can only upload one photo? You may be able to help me better if you could see the before photo too!
So anyway, this is the complete set but im soooo unhappy with them :( does anyone have any advice on how i can make these nails look great?! I used Pro impressions Advance tips (natural) as they were the only ones that i could see would actually fit her nails? I had to file the wings off and really make them 'fit' her nails as best as i could, she has no free edge to stick a tip with a well to and her nails are longer on one side than the other, so i thought these would be best?
As you could see the tip below the natural smile line (as hers doesn't exist anymore so it had to be glued further down the nail bed) i used NSI Pink Masque powder on zone 1 and 2 to try and hide the tip to give the impression of a longer nail bed. And clear NSI over the top.
After all this time and effort i'm still not happy with these, they just don't look like 'brothers and sisters' as i was taught they should look. i kept all the free edges at the same length, but her nail beds are different shapes from each other, some thinner, some longer, should i have made some of the ones with shorter nail beds have a longer free edge? But then if you look from behind the hand u'd have some nails longer than others??
I'm gutted cus i thought i could give her a lovely set of nails :sad:

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!!!! xx
ok, so this stoopid thing won't upload a photo!!! argh!!!!
Young nails has a very informative video on how to specifically for the nail biter.. Great tips and tricks. Good luck :) there are 3 videos in the series

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