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Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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Help!!!! I had a complete challenge on my hands last night, considering I am still fairly new to Nails.

A friend of a friend called and asked if I would do her some nail extensions, she told me she was a Nail Biter and I said I would only charge her half as I have not had much experience of nail biters.

Anyway I got there and she not only was a severe nail biter but she also had very narrow nail plates, hense there was very very little natural nail. I did tip and overlays, but I think I went very wrong attempting to do pink and whites. I was so so embarassed, they did not look good at all. I got myself in a real panic.

At the end after finishing and buffing etc, the shape looked ok, it was just the french look that was bad and they were also still quite thick as I was very limited to the amount of area of pat the product down onto. I ended up painting them a colour which left them looking ok. But I did not want to take payment as I was very embarassed.

Please someone help me??? I need as much advice and tips on how to do nail biters?? Do you do pink and whites?? or do you just to Pink??

This was covered in my training but only very breifly and since I have not come accross it before.

I am now dedicating Sunday to my trainer hand and will be practising this.


There are many techniques for doing a makeover on a severe nail biter.

Far too complicated to cover completely on this board. Master Classes!!

You can mix camouflage powder - extend the nail plate prior to tip application - sculpt on a form etc etc.

I agree that pink and white on a sever nail biter looks ugly so you did the right thing to polish the nails. Polish also acts as a signal flag to the nail biter to keep the nails out of her mouth and disguises things that any normal red-blooded nail-biter would otherwise pick at.

Why you felt you shouldn't charge though is beyond me. It's hardly your fault if her nails are ugly and out of proportion!! You can't always "make a silk purse out of a sows ear" although sometimes we can.

Best in future with something like this to use a tip and clear powder and Pink to get a more balanced look while the nails grow out.
Hi Stephanie

First of all you cannot perform miracles on a nail biter. This comes over time.

Apply a natural tip and keep it short. No longer than the end of the finger. You can only go with the width of her natural nail, so nothing you can do there either.

In a few weeks time (and only that, as nail biters nails grow very quickly) you can go for something a little more fancy like pink and whites as she will have a nice length on her own nail bed.

If she goes with this let us know how shes doing in a few weeks.

Remember you will need to see her in a weeks time for her first infill.

Good luck.
Thanx for the advice ladies..

When you say a natural tip do you mean a natural elation tip or a clear elation tip?? And would you apply just a pink powder?? and then on the next visit file down as if doing a rebalance and apply white and pink then??

Hi Steph,

Ive been using Star Nails for the last 5 years. Soon to change !!! Creative forever !

However, I would use a clear or natural tip on a nail biter and pink or clear overlay - up to you.

Use your judgment and you will know when she is ready for a white tip rebalance. She just needs a good length nail bed to pull off a perfect french.

hi ya.........i was wondering about putting a nail biters programme in my brochure, can any of u suggest anything that you do similar? vicx
That sounds like a great idea Vicky,
I`ve often wondered if we should charge differently for nail biters, I don`t know about anyone else but it takes me longer to tackle them. I know they have to come back more often but thats their problem isn`t it? they do go home with gorgeous nails so it must be worth it to them
yes thats what i thought, so come on all you girls that offer a nail biters programme let us know what you do and what you charge...vicx
To be honest I've always found nail biters a bit of a challenge and can say that some of my best clients have previously been biters.

I always advise a weekly fill for the first three weeks, this includes free replacements (as they are more likely than most to throw a nail) :D This is where your extra earnings come in and also ensure them returning with a good set of nails.

The nail biters nails grow rapidly after application and need lots of attention to avoid any mishaps and picking to occur.

In the following weeks they should become regular two weekly clients and very happy ones at that. Also the sense of achievement is great for the tech.

Always take a photo when you start to remind them later how their nails used to look. :D
kellie311970 said:
In the following weeks they should become regular two weekly clients and very happy ones at that. :D

Those clients are also the ones that become clients for life because you helped them achieve something they couldn't have achieved by themselves!!! ;)
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