Nail Biting!!!!


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May 8, 2004
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Hi Geeks

Both my children have started biting there nails:mad: I was thinking of buying that varnish that tastes disgusting "forgotton what its called".

Any idea's / advice? I've tried saing "next time I will cut your fingers off" but they probably just think "yeah right, she's been saying that for so long now".

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi - It's called "Stop n Grow". Hope it works!!!
well! you did ask! i do nail art parties and quite often i see nails that are bitten badly - and i say - "When boys go to toilet they have to hold their willys (sorry) they normally dont wash their hands, they also pick their noses and scratch their bums (ok i know that sounds sexest - sorry) and then they touch door handles, tables at schools stuff in shops and then you girls come along and touch the same things and ukkkkkk!!!!!
Pauline, why don't you start giving them regular manicures and get them into it when they are still young - they can choose their own colours - if you do it say after school on a Friday then at least your older one can have varnish on for the whole weekend.

I was a thumb sucker - I had years of therapy to admit that LOL - when I was young and my dad used the Stop n Grow - eventually I just got used to the taste.

I think given the choice most people would choose something pleasant rather than unpleasant LOL.

Let us know what you try and if it works.

I have 2 boys and i have the same problem carnt do anything with the oldest (7) but the youngest (4) i have , :rolleyes: i think :rolleyes: convinced to stop biting his nails. On a sunday it manicure nite and he has his own little buffer and bottle of solar oil! :p SO when i do my nails he does his. Its working so far.
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