Nail dust extractor fan options

Hey all, im new the thread and want to post to see if any of you have any experience with the bigger(ish) companies that supply nail dust extractors.

My end goal is to have the Vodex when i have a salon but for now as i work from home its not suitable as the room is small so i will have to settle for a table top machine.

I have a cheap one from Ebay that does me for the mean time but with the quantity of nails i work with the suction isnt great, its loud and the dust bag always seems to separate from the fan itself.

I was looking at the Valentino Gen 4 and was intrigued but i havent seen enough reviews or comments from IRE/UK to see if its worth forking out £500 for or not.

So long story short, if anyone has any other extractor fans or has an opinion on the Valentino then please feel free to let me know!

Thanks for taking the time to read x


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From everything I have read I personally wouldn't spend that much money on a desk top machine as they aren't capable enough. Like you, I want the Vodex system and until I am in a position to buy one I am also using a cheap table top extractor, purely to reduce the heavy dust particles. I am fully aware it doesn't touch the airborne particles though.
Although it is quite big, I've seen quite a few pics of the Vodex set neatly alongside or under nail desks and it isn't ridiculously big.

If you're doing a lot of nails every day I think it would be worth making room for the Vodex if you can. I am a beauty therapist and do other treatments in a separate room and my nail room has a window and external door so I'm able to ventilate the room after each client and I only do a max of about 3 nail clients a day, so I'm not creating as much dust as a lot of nail techs might be, but I'd still like one!


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It really isn't worth buying a table top dust filter. As Beautiful-you recommended, better to wait and buy a Vodex -. they have part payment plans now too. In the meantime, if you want to avoid breathing visible and invisible dust, these are a good option:

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Valentino is not great. Quite noisy and uncomfortable for client and tech. Keep your money and put it towards a desk mounted system.

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Sorry to jump onto this thread, but can anyone advise on a mobile solution please? X

Sorry to jump onto this thread, but can anyone advise on a mobile solution please? X
Hi, I would also like to know what people do for mobile? :)


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The New Ravair Flexi arm Nail Dust Extractor is used by both salons and mobile. It is very robust and provides great dust collection and also great lighting which may not be available in clients homes. ( Around 4 kilos in weight and about half the price of the Valentino.