Nail Extenstions-Do you Touch other Therapists Work


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Dec 6, 2007
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At my salon we don't accept clients that have allready had nail extensions fiitted on at another salon because
a) we dont kno what product they've use and the colour of gel/acrylic won't match &
b) we could be held responsible for the damaged nails that someone else has inflicted

I just won't whether other salons have the same rule to or whether you get clients to sign a disclaimer and whether its the same for Soak offs of nail extentions too
I rebalance over other technician's work providing the enhancements are in a good state of repair when the client comes to me, if they're in a bad way then I'll remove them and start over.
I have a disclaimer at the bottom of my client consultation form to say that I won't be held responsible, the client signs the form after an explanation from myself.

I acknowledge that due to (with tick boxes)
1) another technicians lack of expertise
2) a medical condition I have
3) the fact that I am a nailbiter
4) etc etc etc
I may have complications for which I do not hold XYZ Nails responsible.

I do too....i am not going to say no to earning money and bagging a new client...:lol:
I will never turn clients away, I have no problems working over other nail technicians work.
It doesn't bother me...turn them away by all means but lose potential regulars in the process.
i was taught that you should soak off and apply a new full set

but in reality it is not always that simple
i was taught that you should soak off and apply a new full set

but in reality it is not always that simple

or nessesary....if the nails are fine then just rebalance...there may be a slight colour difference but this is only for a few visits till the other techs product has grown off and its all your product.
Ok then thats great advice from you thankyou seen as most of you have said Yes then i guess its fine as long as clients do sign a declaration form and you use your professional judgement as to whether it is safe to rebalance another theapists work

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