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absolutly fab!

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Nov 16, 2004
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what do you hope to learn at the nail forum, which day will you be attending, have you been to the free education nail forums before.

I am looking forward to hearing about staffordshire based " Kirsty", understand she will be enlightening us with her unstoppable winning formula , Creating a winning photo. I have lost count as to the many comps she has won !! Met with her last year and has some amazing stories, hope for lots of hints and tips 2 ! I Know she will be on sunday not sure what time any one know?

I am also looking forward to see anthony buckley new designs, which have been inspired from his trips in japan, he is keeping them under wraps untill the show so i guess this could an exclusive ? Anthonys 3d work is very inspiring and every time i meet with him he allways shows me something new. I hope so on my nails 2, he has offered to do my nails for the show, i m realy excited and looking forward to learning more............. as long as they have some pink sparkle somewhere !! understand anthony to be on monday i believe 1 pm.

What r u looking forward to?:Grope:
Im looking forward to everyone turning up! Sorry had to get that in as i organise it! Actually i have just spoken to every forum speaker and they are all systems go! We have a fantastic line up and i am so looking forward to everyone learning from what the industry icons have to say.

Also, i need support from the geeks. The ANT has a slot on the Monday at 3pm. Part of this is to talk about the geek site and what an important part of the industry it is. So if any geeks fancy having a chat, catch up or need any advice, please do come along.

P.S. The ANT Nail Forum is being held upstairs in the old competition room above the smaller exhibition hall.
could we have full line up of topics so people can plan there days. Loads will turn up !! we do have problem with post though has this effect thiongs your end

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