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May 25, 2003
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I have been hearing a lot about Nail Fresh lately. I have never used it and don't even own a bottle of it. I think I need to get some!

Is this something that is used before or after ScrubFresh. I have seen post on it being used on both natural nails and acrylics. Am I correct in thinking that it is a more powerful dehydrator than ScrubFresh?

nailfresh is brilliant if you have any clients that are prone to lifting you use nailfresh first then scrubfresh

getting off topic... so I split it from your Topcoat thread ;)

I think of Nail Fresh as a pre treater (hmmm wasnt I just typing this same thing today... deja freakin vu) for problem nails.
Its a high powered temporary dehydrator for natural nail plates and will remove excess moisture and contaminants from within the natural nail plate before applying ScrubFresh.

Hope this helps.
Think I should start using Nail Fresh but what does Scrubfresh do if I get that also? And Geek, I've got an account with you but have yet to take any courses - can I still order these products from you?
Scrubfresh also dehydrates the nail of oil & moisture, but also leaves behind pathogen fighting agents which will help prevent those nastie greenies occuring!! :mrgreen:
Thanks Nikki - in that case I'll be ordering both produts asap 8) 8)
If you use NailFresh before ScrubFresh, won't ScrubFresh remove the NailFresh...considering you apply the first with a brush and the latter with a cotton pad? Also, do you use any primer at all when you use these other two products? I really want to get this right, as I think it might help my lifting clients.

when I apply cuticle eraser, I then Scrubfresh, then Nail Fresh and Scrubfresh again. Unfortunately with some clients I'm obviously over saturating their nail plates because they just don't dry!

Should I not Scrubfresh before as well as after Nail Fresh?

Peppercorn Nails said:
Should I not Scrubfresh before as well as after Nail Fresh?Adele

You don't have to do this!! Remember P.R.E.P.
P - Perform Mini Mani - using Cuticle REMOVER, take off any non-living tissue on the nail plate THEN using a cute spray bottle of water with a dash of CitraSoak, remove Cuticle REMOVER.
R - Remove surface shine ONLY, with your Koala Buffer - (buffing once is fine, twice is a crime!)
OK now this is where you NAIL FRESH first (IF need be)and then SCRUB FRESH last!! The E & P stand for Eliminate contaminents and Purify the nail plate layers - this is what Nail Fresh and Scrubfresh do but don't forget most clients only need Scrubfreshing - when we use both AND a primer - we call it MAX PREP!! Hope this clarifies! :salute:
Yes it is possible to over-do the prep proceedure and actually cause problems for you and the client.

If the nail plate is not dry - even if it is wet with ScrubFresh or similar- you will get product lifting.

If you get product lifting soon after the service has been done, then the product was never on right in the first place.

PRESS that product into place in all zones and at all the edges with your brush -- and lifting should become a thing of the past. This is the secret especially with a primerless product like Retention+ or Radical Solarnail.
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