Nail lacquer and Solar Oil


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Spectrum Nails

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Mar 7, 2016
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Hi, read a while ago that you can use solar oil to help the nail polishes to dry.
I've only been doing Shellac but recently been asked to do normal polishes as well, I was wondering at what stage it is ok to put solar oil on the top coat?
You are better off using CND Solar Oil Speed Spray for normal polish x
Thanks Hannah,
Would you spray it straight away or wait a little for the top coat to dry a bit before you spray it?
I spray it straight away at quite a distance, haven't had any problem so you will be fine [emoji4] x
Do you use this with the vinylux out of interest?
Do you find it makes alot of difference? As vinylux dries so quickly I never thought of needing anything really
Yeah I don't do it for the speed of drying I do it to make sure they are getting the hydration as using the scrub fresh before will dehydrate the nail plate. So it's just like me putting on the solar oil after shellac if you see what I mean?
Yea that's why I've never really brought any. I've got enough to carry around in my trolley as it is.

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