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Feb 6, 2003
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Aveley, Essex
Right, well, I was reading through my Professional Beauty brochure that I got at Excel at the weekend and I noticed an ad for the Nail Mart. Not that I was going to buy anything but I was just reading. At the bottom it said they were doing some 'specials'. One of these specials was 1 litre or 2 litres (not sure, can't remember) of monomer for £12!!! :?

Now, I don't know about anyone else but does this not aound a little dodgy (well it sounds a lot dodgy actually but I'm trying to be objective!!!)? If my memory serves me correctly I think the Nail Mart is owned by the type of people that own non-standard salons - I'm trying to be very politically correct here!!!!!!

Did anyone else spot this? Also, if any of you still have the brochure (I threw mine out) could you have a look and make sure I'm not talking crap as I do this fairly regularly :D :D

I've just been on their website and they have listed Acrylic Monomer 8fl oz = £8.00. The same size of Retention + is £41.75. So you go figure for yourself. 1 gallon of monomer is only £50.00.

Surely something can be done about wholesalers like these. :evil:

What does everyone else think about this?
Will have a nose and see whats what !!!!!!
Ok just spoke to a nice young man called Joe..............
he is sending me a tester for the liquis and some powder too..........

I ask him whats in the liquid ingredience and he read out the whole thing..........not a mention of MMA but hey, MMA has got other names too, so I will wait till I get my sample and see whats what.........

So only think he did let slip was when I mentioned MMA was, well we are phasin that sort of thing out, because of the new regulations coming in soon.........................So me thinks MMA somewhere, even if they have renamed it lol..............

His explanation to the cheap price was............... they import so much.......
Well lets wait and see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love Ruth Fordham
Well done Ruth!!! You'll have to let us know what it actually says on the ingredients and then maybe send it to Doug Schoon and get it tested. Could we do that Mr Geek :fro: ?

Did you have a look around the site? He obviously knows what MMA is and to say that they are phasing it out means that they are still selling it. These people make me so angry :evil: Maybe Ruthie and me need to sort them out in good ol' Essex fashion!!!!
Sounds a bit dodgy to me.
Go get um Ruth :D looking forward to the outcome of this one babe.
Take care Dawnie xxxxxxxxx
I have been working and dealing with Kin Pham of Nail Mart for over 12 months and he is one of the nicest and politest people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and to be quite honest am disturbed at the comment you have made stating that he is "the type of person that runs a non - standard nail salon" Kin a succesful business owner who distributes not only to the UK but into europe, how you can comment that anyone is "THAT TYPE OF PERSON" without knowing the individual is somewhat worrying. I understand that these non - standard salons are affecting the UK Nail industry in a negative way but please take time to consider who you are pointing the finger at until you know all the facts.

Kind Regards

Joby Read
Nails Magazine
Hi Joby,

Welcome to the board.

I think everyone agrees that it is very unhealthy to imply that anyone is "one of those kind that run NSS's". Though I must say that I feel that it wasn’t meant in any kind of derogatory way. I am sure nailstar didn’t mean any offence. I also don't think anyone was pointing a finger, just expressing concern over indications that the company may be distributing a product that is a criminal offence for nail technicians to use in most states within the US.

I am glad to hear that he’s a nice guy and I wish him the best of luck in his ventures.

Remember all...
  • NSS's are run by people.
  • Most are not even aware of the dangers in what they are doing.
  • Many NSS's don't use MMA, but still use dangerous techniques associated with using MMA.
  • NSS's are irrelevant to gender, race, creed, colour and education level.
Thanks For Getting Back So Soon,

I am sure you are correct that it was not meant in any derogatory way, but felt I had to comment as he is a friend and work colleague. Thankyou also for making some very valuable points as unless we are all clear about exactly what the problem is then there is no way we can work together to prevent it.

Kind Regards

Joby Read
Nails Magazine
Joby, I meant absolutely no offence in what I said and maybe I didn't phrase it quite the way I should have. I obviously do not know the owner personally and I'm glad to hear he is a nice person but it is still quite worrying that he seems to think it's ok to be distributing products that contain MMA (whether they are phasing it out or not).

Secondly, if you read back over previous topics, I actually started one titled 'Non-Standard Salons' in which my point was that the majority of technicians in NSS do not even know that the products and/or techniques they are using are wrong. This is obviously another worrying point for the nail industry as a whole.

I'm sure you'll understand my concern as a small-business owner that these type of practices are not good for people in my position but I was certainly not pointing the finger at anyone in particular but merely the fact that the company were still distributing these products.

I hope I have clarified my position on this topic and I hope that you understand I did not mean to cause anyone offence. said:
Thankyou also for making some very valuable points as unless we are all clear about exactly what the problem is then there is no way we can work together to prevent it.

Glad for the clarification.
Obviously, there are no problems with anyone distributing safe and approved systems.
There are very serious problems if people are distributing MMA. If they are, they (and the people that help them) will be causing permenant damage to the industry and to countless clients nails. If indeed they are 'phasing out' MMA, I would suggest that you may want to mention that they simply stop selling it all together to prevent putting themselves in liability.
Sorry to sound thick but what is MMA? :oops:
just click on the word MMA in any post and it will tell you ;)
Ok you guys and gals,
No one was trying to imply that this chappy is a horrid person, we as responsible Technicians are concerend about the use of MMA in any Salon situation, may it be NSS, Home or Mobile...........
Joby if you have seen pictures of what MMA can do to the natural nail, you will understand our concern............

*removed cause the autolinker screws up hyperlinks with the same words in them*

with thanks and permission taken from the Beauty Tech Website

Now I have recieved the little parcel of the product sample..........
Maybe we can have it tested to see whats in this liquid........ I must say it smells very pungent, sweetly and lingers in the air much longer then R+ or Q-monomer......................
I will do a test tip and see how it turns out, but happy to send it to CND and see what they make of it.............
If this isn't MMA then he is selling it very cheaply at £50.00 per gallon....

Yes and I agree it not about wether a person is a nice person,they could be the sweetest people on earth but, it's wether they know what they are selling...............I don't mean to personaly attack any body, but if they are sellig a product that has been banned in the USA for the use in cosmetic, then why on earth should we have it over here, when we know the damage this dental acrylic monomer can do.......

Fine for making dentures but nails noooooooooooooooooooooooooo..........

If have visited many NSS in the last 2 years and when I asked them wether their monomer contained MMA they didn't know what I was talking about..................So there is a lack in education about safe products, and this is encouraged by wholesaler selling it in the first place...........

So before we condem wholesaler lets find out whats what........

love Ruth xxxxx
This is proving to be a very interesting thread and I'm looking forward to the outcome of this test (and test there should be).

I agree with everyone that this is not a racially driven witch hunt, rather a need to rid our profession of such dreadful products and practices. Now if this liquid does turn out to contain MMA, will 'Nails' still be happy to advertise it in their mag?

If it doesn't, well hey, Mr Pham can give Kelly a great big shake of the hand for giving Nail Mart such a wonderful bit of free advertising!!

Kind thoughts (only!)
Sorry ruth... I had to remove the pic as it had the word mma in it. The autolinker screwed up the display of the link... This is a known problem with it and has been since I introduced it. Sadly there is no current way around it.
For those wanting to see it, goto and check out the link on MMA info.

As per the stuff.. I too have ordered 2 bottles (the purple kind) and we will test it for MMA. If it comes out positive I can only assume that they will immediatly dicontinue selling it. I am sure Nails (uk) and the other industry rags wouldnt have dealings with companies who knowingly sold products that are so damaging to the entire industry (not to mention consumers fingernails). Especially seeing as Nails (uk) wants me to do a peice on the watchdog story that is all about MMA.

*edit* - I have renamed the images and posted them here.

Thanks Sam,
been tryingmy hardest to find a way round this picture thingy, but as it contained the mma word the server didn't want to play........
I was going to upload the picture to my website and then link it to here, but as always you are just that one step and broad band connection ahead of me.........

Thanks again, I thought it was worth the effort, people dont see the damage this stuff can do, and there is nothing like a visual bit of informatioin is ever horrid it may be..............

Please let us know how the finding goes.................
thanks again
love Ruth xxxxxxxxxx
I thought it was time I added my two pence to this!
Firstly, I find it encouraging that you are all so aware of MMA and its dangers, and I think that the more people like yourselves take action to ensure you are not using products containing MMA, the sooner our industry will be rid of this problem. You are the people who dictate what services are available to the consumer, and by making cconciousdecisions not to use MMA-based products you ensure that those distributors who do opt to sell this type of product, will eventually have no business.
Nails (UK) is keen to ensure the MMA message is received by all technicians, so that we can work together to put a stop to its harm and, as Samuel has already said, the magazine does not knowingly promote anyone selling these products. We have already run a series of articles on the non-standard salon in Nails (UK), advising readers how to act against them. There is also a piece on MMA coming up in the October issue and I will be covering the Watchdog piece in depth in November.
My hope is that by continually covering the issue through the magazine we will help to educate everyone as to its dangers.

Hi Kelly (brill name!!)

I'm very pleased to hear that you back us on the issue of MMA. I for one was not trying to insinuate that you knowingly promote companies that sell liquids containing mma but by us all being aware of the common factors which point to MMA we can make this industry safe. I am also not trying to say that the Nail Mart are using unsafe products (we are awaiting the test results) but a member of their own staff actually stated that 'they are phasing it out'. This is extremely worrying that they are distributing not only throught the uk but also abroad.

I thought your articles regarding non-standard salons was very good but thought my little escapade (see topic An Eastend MMA Story) was both too long and too much for your magazine!!!! I look forward to the forthcoming issues.
Well...will someone please push my jaw shut.....Ruth and Sam are right..there is nothing like a bit of visual aid to make you more aware!! I have read hundreds of posts, magazine articles, etc, on MMA, and only use Creative products, but that really brought home what it can do!!!

Look forward to some interesting articles in the future..hopefully we can just continue to make the public and fellow nail techs alike more AWARE!
this may be a bit of a dim response, but could it be that this company is selling the equivalent to ASDA Smart Price or Tesco Basics? I mean, we all know that the cost of producing monomer is not just the cost of raw materials, it is research and development, packaging, packaging design, safety testing, advertising, support to customers, ongoing research, demonstarting at shows, brand awareness etc. etc. etc. These expenses have to be recouped as part of operating a successful business. If however this product is a copy of someone elses legally acceptable and safe monomer in plain packaging, they will not have to cover all of these costs meaning they can make a profit at a low price. Even at this price it may be more profitable than some of the brands who develop their own technology?

I mean, we know that ASDA Smartprice flour at 9p is not dangerous or any different than Hovis at 87p - just you might like to pay more and buy organic at over £1 (hope this makes sense)

I am not saying that this is a good product, but it may well have been safely developed at someone elses expense. Maybe old technology which is easily available. I doubt that it is at the forefront of the latest technology, but what do you expect for this price.

Can't wait to find out the result.
Sorry for coming off the subject momentarily, but how do I get myself one of those pictures you all have with your profiles?

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