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May 4, 2004
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Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone knew any good websites for nail pictures which i can use on flyers etc? i am going to use some of my own, but just looking at other options?

Many thanks
be aware of copyright issue's when using other peoples pictures. google is availble, but regardless of it being someone else's picture they've taken it can cause unwanted trouble if it hasn't been watermarked.

just a bit of info for u :):)
which brand of products do you use, you might be allowed by them to use their logos and images in your advertising.
if you ring biosculpture they will be able to help you out hun as you use there products xx
All the company's I use i always ask for a marketing disc. Try giving your supplier a call to see if they have one. I also thought if you were trained and a stockist you could use their pictures. May be wrong there though so dont quote me on that ! :green: xx
If it's standard french manicures or natural nails, I can't see the harm in using other photo's - AS LONG AS YOU have permission to do so.

But if anything features nail art, I'd be wary. A client might expect you can reproduce the same and if you cant'.... it might not bode well.
I have always used my own pictures.

Every single time I do nails I'm happy with, I take pictures. EVERY TIME. Start collecting photos, and try using backgrounds other than your table. Such as a plant or funky fabric or other. Try different angles. See what sorts of pictures you can come up with.

I only use my own photographs (and I watermark them). I want to be certain that a client wouldn't expect something I couldn't achieve or feel like I was advertising someone else's work.

I would say use your own pics..why? Because you may well get a client saying "I'd like these your flyer"
What if you couldn't do them? Or couldn't do them as well as the pics you are showing potential clients?
The best advertisement is your own mate
Like Victoria says collect many as possible x

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