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Jan 31, 2004
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I've just had an e-mail from a new client asking me about nail enhancements. She tells me that she has had them in the past but 'never had much luck with them' and that she 'gave up after being told that her nail plates were too small.' I have never heard of this before and I worked on a client the other week who had teeny nail plates and doesn't have any problems with enhancements.

She's coming to me for a pedicure in June so I'll get to have a look at her nails then but if anyone has any information/advice I'd really appreciate it.


Hi Lynn

I think it is possible that the technician who has done this clients nails in the past only likes to work on people with perfectly long nail plates that fit tips perfectly. It sounds like she or he can only make beads of a certain size and if they are too big for the nails then this will be the clients fault LOL.

As long as you have the education and skill to deal with anything that comes your way then no client should have nails too small, too wide, too whatever. Good luck and hopefully you will gain a new client from someone elses lack of education and skill.
hi i have got tiny nail plates , i am only 4ft 9 ins and i wear enhancements onn mine ,it just makes a little bit more awkward but not that much coz i apply my own and they always look fine (not masterpieces but presentable), so i am sure you will be ok
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