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Apr 4, 2007
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south wales
As many of you know this has not been the best week for me (my posting in Chit Chat).

Basically I always wear my nails natural, blended tip with either pink overlay or occasionally pink and white, I am not generally flashy.

On Monday, I took the corner off my right thumb nail tip. I filed the tip down, so it is a quite a bit shorter than the others. With all thats been going on I haven't had the time or the will to repair it. So I thought I would paint my nails. I only keep my nail polish at the Salon, as I don't ever use them on myself. So I went rumaging through all the Xmas pressie sets, I found a sample no. 7 polish the colour was rose truffle, I painted them.

The odd thing is I have had far more attention and comment on how beautiful my nails are, and people asking how I manage to grow them this long without breaking them (obviously they missed the shorter thumb nail). I have then explained they are L&P, people are just amazed.

Do you find you get more attention to brightly polished nails, or to your basic natural L&P. Gave out business cards to 4 people. Do you think it is a better way to advertise your business, to wear brightly coloured nails that stand out?
I prefer a more natural look also,however when i wear something more eyecatching,it's a free form of advertising.

Hth's a bit
I always get comments when I wear a coloured gel (enamel doesn't last 5 mins on me), and virtually nothing when I wear natural look or pink and white!!:lol:

This may have something to do with the age of the ladies thou. In my opinion the girls love the pink and whites whilst the ladies love the colours.

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