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Aug 4, 2013
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I'm not sure of you can see the picture but I need some advice!

I did a pedicure for my mom a few weeks ago and whilst taking off the polish (if you can't see the picture) the nail was white, crumbly and discoloured. Mom told me they had been like it for a while but she hid them under nail varnish instead of treating them. She said they constantly break and they look very weak to me.

I thought at first it must be a nail infection so sent her to the gp. She sent samples off and they came back negative!
Can any of you experienced therapists shed some light onto what this might be and what we can use to fix the problem.

Mom would be especially grateful!

Thank you!!
My recomendation would be to suggest she sees a podiatrist, tho it's come back neg which is good it could be something else and we can't really suggest or diagnose issues as not qualified for that.
Thanks for replying. I don't know how to help!
I will mention that to her thanks ever so much.
Do you know a possible reason why this may have happened to the nail?
As it has spread to every nail (not quite as bad) I thought it could be down to not using a base coat but she said she always uses a base coat.

(Ps. I'm not a nail tech, just trying to remember what I learnt in college)

Thanks again X
It looks to me like the nail plate is dry? Mine went like this after wearing minx for long periods? Maybe a light buff and continuous solar oil? I'm in training also though so not a professional diagnosis!
Is it lifting? Or are just layers of the nail lifting? If its just layers crumbling and not the whole thing I would try oils and lotions. Does she wear steal toed boots/ shoes too big or small/ always on her feet? If so it could be her nails smashing up against her footwear.
Maz101 has the right suggestion ! Drs know very little about nails.

Your college books won't help you either as nail technicians are not taught how to diagnose nail disorders.

Wearing nail polish for long periods of time can result in awful dry nails.

Whatever the problem or however it was caused, the others are right ... Solar Oil and Cuticle Eraser every morning and night can't harm and can only help with the dryness. The Solar Oil effect is cumulative .. If she does not use regularly every day, she won't see the effect ... Plus toenails take so long to grow it is going it take a LONG time to see the effect ( 6 months at least). Perfect time to get the polish off for a good 6 months until the summer comes around again. She will have to be dedicated to the cause if she really wants to see improvement.
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The nail it's self isn't lifting but the plate is so crumbly just going across it makes it flake and break.

Where can I get these oils?
I will pass on all of your advice , thank you all very much!

I believe the most common would be solar oil.
Solar Oil is from CND and is the best in the business and the most rapid at penetrating INHO.

Purchase from a professional salon or from the distributor for the UK and ROI ... 08452106060

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