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Apr 24, 2007
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Adelaide, Australia
Hi there, I am looking for some help with a question for college and so far all my searches have been fruitless. I am not asking any one to do my home work but if any one knows where i might be able to find the info i need it would be greatly appreciated. The questioni have to answer is:
What nail services might you recommend for a client (subject to consultation) who has these particular nail shapes and why? (you may need to refer to other learner guides which cover the range of nail services)
a) Tubular
b) Acorn
c) Olive
d) Roofed
e) Fan

Now i have recieved all my learner guides from my college and there is NO information at all in any of them reguarding nail shapes other than the 4 basic nail shapes to use when filing, Square, Squoval, Oval and pointed.

So if any one can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.


hi dany
have you tried doing a google search on this ?

They may mean - if a client has a certain nail shape, eg, fan, would you fit tips or sculpt? There is no info as to what state their nails are in and what cuticle shape they have as to indicate the tip shape. I've been doing nails for 4.5 years and find this broad question confusing!

Sam xx
I would find it difficult to answer these questions without seeing the clients nails but there are basic guidelines you are supposed to follow with certain nail shapes.

What books have you got?

Sam xxx

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