Nail stamping plates?


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Jan 6, 2007
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Hi guys

I currently use Moyou stamping plates and have a couple from Konad and UberChic, just wondering if anyone can recommend any other brands to try? Just wanting a bit of variety in designs :) x
I have some from Born Pretty Store and they are ok too.
I just got some XL ones from Bundle Monster. Was a bit nervous ordering from the US as I've been slapped with custom fees in the past. However, they came in about a week, I didn't get charged additional fees (my order was only like maybe £1 over the allowed amount in all fairness though) and they're all super nice and stamp really well. They do so many different plates and some really unique ones. Have a look online for codes, I forgot and missed a 15% off one gah! I'm really happy with my order and already plotting another next month. I think shipping to the UK was something like flat rate $8, which is around what we'd pay over here anyway.

Also nail artisan has lots of different brands of plates, DRK, Loja BBF and she was selling the Sascha Gossen sets but they weren't on the site when I last looked. I bought one from each of those brands and really liked them all, particularly the Sascha Gossen ones as they have images that would fit even the longest of nails. X
Thanks I'll have a look at all those :)...this might be expensive! x

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