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Sep 11, 2013
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Halifax, West Yorkshire
Hi all, I am new to this place and just starting out as a mobile nail technician, although I qualified in 1984!!
I am amazed at some of the designs on here and am hoping to be able to use them but I wondered if anyone could recommend nail stamping kits that work. I have looked on Amazon but some had quite poor reviews so I thought I would ask the experts. Any advice would be useful.
Hi, there is a good thread on here about the konad ones and lots of great pics x
Thanks dexy x
The poor reviews are normally because people cant use them and think the plates are rubbish, there is a knack to it and once you get it you've got it!

These are beautiful and are very good quality.

PUEEN 2013 Nail Art Stamp Collection Set 24E - LOVE ELEMENTS - NEW Unique Set of 24 Nailart Polish Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Kit (Totaling 144 Images) with BONUS Storage Case in purple red Colour: Beauty

I have bought tons of konad, yes they are really good but I don't use them as much as this set.

Have a look on facebook at a group called adventures in stamping for help and also the konad thread on here too.
I read one review where the poster was moaning that the plate wasn't working and that it was Blue unlike the pic (is obviously the peel off bit!!)

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Thank you all. I will give it a try.
I agree with pinkzebranails, I use the Pueen Love Elements set much more than any of my others x
I wish I hadn't read this, need to order a pueen set now, lol. I have 3 sets of bundlemonster, a set of cheeky and about 8 plates from moyou london. They're all great. I would recommend you join as well, really fun group plates are awesome too!
Thanks all, again. Facebook group joined too. X

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