Nail Tech Books ???


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
I am looking for some great Nail Tech Books.
Any suggestions...................
I subscribe to all the Nails mags galore, but would like some propper books to read.
What are your suggestions?????
Thanks a million
love Ruth xxxx
I have two which are:

Manicure, Pedicure and Advanced Nail Techniques by Elaine Almond

The Complete Nail Technician by Marian Newman

Dont read them that often only use them for reference really but they are good, the first one is a bit out of date but I still use it especially when one of my ladies asks me a question about their natural nails ie white spots on the nailbed.

I see in this months nail mag that they have a double page spread on books although I tend to get mine off as their prices are quite reasonable as well.

Jue :D
I have read them ALL and in my opinion the Encyclopedia of nails by Anne Swain and Jacqui Jefford is an up to date superior book and the Elaine Almond book is WAY out of date and full of inaccuracies as far as 'systems' goes.

As an experienced technician, you will find that there is a lot of info that does not pertain to YOU and more to ones who are starting out. What are you specifically interrested in? There are specialist books for particular ares of interest such as nail art or product chemistry (Dougs Schoons bopk is the CLASSIC book on the natural nail and product chemistry - not just Liquid and powder either but all systems. Books on diseases (gross). Let us know your particular area of interest.

The encyclopedia of nails book is a must have for any technician it is a fantastic book when i got it i could not put it down

:D :D
I have both the books that Gigi mentioned and I must say they are excellent. I've browsed through many others when I've seen them on display at shows but none of them can equal those two. Both are certainly a very good buy.
"Milady's Art & Science of Nail Technology"

I hear Janet McCormick's books are very good too - haven't had the pleasure of reading one yet.
Most ladies take a Jackie Collins to bed with them. Me, i take Doug Schoon's Product Chemistry! Read it from cover to cover, over, and over again & there's always something in it you'll swear wasnt there before!!

Nikki xx
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