Nail tech working for Steiner cruise ship


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Hey All,

New to this salon geek! Hope someone out there can help me, I’m in need of a change and I am currently working as a beauty Theripist the last 8 years, I’ve always had itchy feet to see what it is like to work on a cruise ship. I have an interview with Steiner on the 24th of feb this year, I applied for a nail tech position, even doh I do all beauty treatments nails is my strongest treatment! I was just wondering if anyone can put some insight into working on board like I know it’s Long hours and I can deal with that I just want to know what is expected of a nail tech? Also the training academy, i know it’s in London but what’s the fees I know you have to pay for shared accommodation? Uniform and all, can anyone shine some light on how much funds you actually need before making any money also how long you could be waiting to be assigned to a ship? I’ve read so many reviews some good some bad, I’ve watched YouTube videos but there doesn’t seem to be much after 2014 of reviews and videos! I Know it’s goina be hard work, I just wanna make sure i 100% know what I’m gettin myself into! Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks