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Nail Technician Job Needed in North East


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Aug 29, 2004
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gateshead/North East
I'm hoping that someone in the Newcaslte/Gateshead and surrounding areas needs some help in the salon, I am willing to take on any role reception, cleaning, consultation and L&P enhancements etc. I'm willing to do more training to fit in with the role, whether it be waxing, nails, spray tan etc.

If full time is not possible I would be willing to do part time hours based around other job.
I work full time in a clothes shop and finish at 5 o'clock so if anyone needs staff from 5.30p.m. or 6p.m. onwards every night and 1 full day that would vary week to week, depending on day off from work, Please PM me.
Are there any salons in the Noth East looking for staff, I would consider any hours.

Ideally I would like to work full time in salon but until the opportunity comes along I'm willing to do part time evenings.

There must be someone that needs a helping hand:)
sorry didnt see date on post
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