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Sep 17, 2015
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Hi all,
I'm looking to get a practice hand for acrylic and was just wondering if anyone could recommend one?
I've been looking but have no idea which ones are any good. I want to practice nail forms also so would I need something with a bit of a free edge?

Thanks :)
This is the one you want, it's fully jointed like a real hand so you hold it as you would a client. You get nail plates that clip into the fingertips then you can extend and unclip.

It clips onto your table too. Good quality and will last and last and then sell on eBay for decent money when you've had enough of it

Ah just seen you want to use forme as well, I would imagine you'd be able to but sure someone will confirm
I just ordered mine off aliexpress from a seller with excellent reviews X
Yes you can use nail forms with the essential nails practice hand but I would recommend filing the fake nail plate thinner to look like that of a real nail as it makes application far easier and more realistic, particularly when sculpting acrylic.
That's great! Thanks for all your replys :)
I can vouch for the Nail Trainer; its an excellent learning tool and great for doing new designs.
I'm looking to order one. Are they good for gels? X
As far as I know they are good for all types of nail extensions and also for practising polish n gel polish x
Gels, acrylics, nail art, one stroke art... pretty versatile.

Sorry to jump on your thread I'm trying to practice acrylics and not doing so well [emoji21] is this the correct hand to practice on? X
I might add, if you are using nail tips, they are ok to create extensions, but if you are using nail forms, they will not adhere to the finger tips; you might need to use reusable forms which they sell.
Thankyou so much x

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