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Miss Manicure

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Aug 12, 2010
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Hi ladies i'm a newbie on here just wondered if any1 can help me :idea:, i am in the process of becoming a nail technician i have everything ready to go and i'm just waiting on training but unfortunately my Full Nail Technician course in Ipswich that was starting on 16th August has been cancelled.
I need a course that is in Suffolk and asap
Please could you help me!

I don't think you will find one in Suffolk.

I live in Ipswich and originally trained in Windsor and did a one to one in London and another course with CND in Braintree.

Braintree is your nearest, its about 1hr away from you, go on the CND site. Justine is the tutor and she is lovely

Hope this helps
Hi, thats what happened to me last year! I also tried Bury St Edmunds which was also cancelled due to lack of numbers. I done my training in braintree with justine also! and agree she is a fantastic teacher. The only problem with training though companies is the cost :( if this is a factor you could consider doing a beauty course which will cover manicures and pedicures also the A & P. They did used to cover enhancements but I don't think they do any more. Good luck in finding a course, if you do let us know! :)

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