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Sep 17, 2009
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After training in hair extensions and eyelash extensions im going to turn my summer house into a mini salon... my sister said she'd love to join me... So I said learning nails would be the best thing so we can offer more... just looking around they're many methods ie Acrylics, Fibreglass and Gels.

Does anyone know the best training she could do for us preferably learning everything? Also she is unemployed at the moment does anyone know any government funding to get her into it as she doesnt have the money to do the course and i refuse to pay unless I know there is nothing else that can help her.

if you are looking at something with funding your best bet would be a college course. however the standards vary enormously depending on the tutor. also i see you are in space and i'm not sure what the education system is like there :lol::lol:

all depends on what time she has available and how soon you are hoping to get her to a standard to join your business. i know you wish to offer all services but you are best to learn one at a time and have some degree of mastery over it before moving on to the next one. it can be very confusing to take on everything all at the same time as methods of application vary enormously between product systems.

i sugest to students that manicure and pedicure are a good starting point.
both these are very similar services and not difficult to master.each is usually a one day course in the private sector. you can earn back your investment on the training quite quickly because you would be in a position to offer the services more or less immediately after training. this enables you to have a stream of revenue to help fund the next stage of the training journey which will be nail extensions.

whichever method you choose for extensions/enhancements, you wont be an overnight success. it takes patience, persistence and practice to produce salon worthy nails. so whilst building the skill level you still have manicure and pedicure bringing in an income.

do not be mislead by courses that tell you you will learn all methods in 3 days or whatever. this is impossible to do. you might see all methods, you might even try all methods, but there is no way you will learn them all. be aware that they are not the good value they seem to be.

there are those that will dissagree, but i generally recomend gel as being the simpler form of nail enhancement to learn. this is because it only sets when you are ready whereas l/p acrylic starts to set as soon as your brush meets the powder and means you need to work fast to get it on well before you run out of time. gel is also very easy to file to perfect the shape.
i find students who do gel first master l/p acrylic faster than if it were their first system because they are aware of all the prep requirents, the structure of the nail and the finishing techniques and all they need to concentrate on is the application.
each system provides similar strength an properties for the client.

sounds like an exciting venture, i wish you luck.
also i see you are in space and i'm not sure what the education system is like there :lol::lol:

:eek::green::green::green: PMSL! funnyest thing ive read all week !
I don't want to turn this into another shellac / gelish / minx thread but ....:green: Once you hve a good manicure and pedicure certification like angel fingers said you can begin making an income straight away from them,

then there are things you can add to the manicure and pedicure like minx , shellac and I think gelish , these will bump up the prices of your manicures and pedicures to almost that of a set of enhancements and are all relatively easy to learn onece you have the manicure and pedicure behind you. They will also bring you a wider range of clients

Once you and your sister are making the money from these treatments it will give time and funding to learn enhancements :)
Sounds like a plan... yeh we know she wont be up n running straight away just anted to get it out the way and get her cracking!
I know nothing about nails so the mix shellac and gel stuff means nothing! maybe I'll do some research and send her up and on her way to the local college!
Thanks Girlies x

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