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Feb 22, 2012
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So i've just been into my local training academy as i want to train in gel nails but i have no mani/pedi training. They say they can do basic manicure training & gel nails for £85 - this is for 1 to 1 training & i bring a model. Is it just me or does this sound too cheap ? x
No, it's not just you. It definitely sounds too cheap! :biggrin:
Yeah definitely sounds too cheap hun :s.. x
Yeah really cheap. I'd expect to pay more than that for just the manicure part!
Yes defo to chea' get what you pay for in this life I am afraid xxx
cheapest mani / pedi course i have seen is £145 plus vat then you have to buy both mani and pedi kits on top.
Thanks geeks for your replies. Im sorry for the delay but I've only just stumbled across this part of salon geek. Where would you advise for training? I can't afford to go back to college & have a young family so can't really commit to evenings. Advice please???? x

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