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Oct 19, 2011
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The Music Of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards was established in 1996 by Kanya King and Andy Ruffell to recognise and celebrate artists who create 'black' or 'urban' music.

On 19th October 2013, they held their 18th annual awards ceremony at the SSC Hydro in Glasgow and the Cosmetology Team were invited back for the second time to pamper the guest artists and performers back-stage prior to the awards ceremony.

The team arrived at the SSC Hydro at 10am having travelled through by train from Dundee, earlier that morning. It was the wettest, coldest day you can imagine - nothing changes in Glasgow!

Grasping their backstage passes, the girls set up in the Talent Retreat - an area specially designed to give celebrities the chance to kick back and relax - to promote the services on offer that day which included manicure, pedicure and massage.

SO Solid Crew were the first clients to have back massages and manicures in their dressing room. The original band members such as Harvey & the twins Noah & Dwayne were keen for pampering. The guys were in great spirits, laughing and joking - you could feel the excitement in the air. From there the Cosmetology team split up to various other artists' dressing rooms.

Rudimental enjoyed back massages and manicures; Naughty Boy relaxed with a manicure, Aluna Francis from band AlunaGeorge had a manicure too and the performers' dance team all indulged in manicures and massages.

British DJ & Broadcaster Trevor Nelson , hosted the show. "He's a genuinely nice guy" says Nicola, who performed an OPI manicure in his dressing room, at the same time working around the show's co-ordinator who needed Trevor's full attention for a pre-show briefing.

The Cosmetology Team finished work around 6pm and as there was no time for stopping during the day the girls were ready for their own R&R in the Green Room, a place for guests, artists and celebs to enjoy a complimentary cocktail.

Other celebs enjoying the Green Room were dance group Diversity, DJ Sarah Harvey, Romeo, Harvey & Lisa Maffia from So Solid Crew, Laura Mvula, Katy B, Ms Dynamite, Aluna Francis, Naughty Boy, Stooshe to name but a few.

The MOBO awards finished around 11pm where the girls were chauffeur driven to the after show party held at Club 29 in central Glasgow. This is a glitzy club where they had access to the VIP lounge with complimentary bottles of champagne and gourmet foods.

"We were truly soaking up the whole day's experience and the lovely people we met along the way and we had a taste of the celebrity lifestyle!"

The MOBO awards will return to Scotland in 2015 and the team can't wait to be invited for the third time running.


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