Nails chipping

Hi all

I have a client who's gel polish has chipped and also lost one completely from her toe. They were done a week ago today. Would you fix this for free, not had this problem with her before when I've done her nails, I will sort it at no costs but I am just wondering what time scales do you allow before charging a client. thanks x


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I personally have a within 1 week policy for free repairs :) I base this on my own personal expectations. Gel polish should last 3 weeks, so I decided free fix within 1 week is fair, but also because its rare I need to fix anything, so it doesn't cause me a lot of hassle to fix the occasional nail. But I have seen many have a very short policy like 2-3 days. Consider how often you do repairs and how well you give after care advice. If you only do the occasional rare repair, or if you feel you do nothing but repair all week. :)

Thank you, I very rarely do a repair and she is a regular client so it is unusual. I was thinking the same up to a week for a repair. She generally comes every 4 weeks and by that point she has started to pick at them anyway. She is a pianist and a typist so I do tell her that she is likely to get chipping at the free edge if she uses the nails rather than the pad to do her job. She does have shorter nails because of her work.

Anna Ljungberg

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I also have a free within a week repair service as well, but I honestly haven't had to do a single repair.

Most of my clients are honest enough to admit for example they were opening a can with their nails and the end chipped etc..
Should one of these clients who never have issues come to me after 2 weeks with an unknown chip I would probably fix it for free as it simply never happens and I know they would admit it if they had done something to cause it.

If I have a new client I also probably would fix it for free, depending on the situation but also suggest that we for exmple use a stronger top coat next time (I use CND shellac and use Xpress5 on all of my clients currently so I would suggest we try Duraforce or the Original topcoat). I don't have many new clients though, and the ones I do get I tend to get by word of mouth from my other clients or friends, so they don't tend to mess me about.


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Yup I also have the free within a week repair and while I had a few repairs in the beginning I am glad to say this has reduced to nil..... (barr the odd exception)