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Jan 12, 2012
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just wondering if anyone has any experience of this. i have a 2nd round interview with nails inc tomorrow and im seriously doubting weather i should go or not. the thing is i love nails and all things nails, learning new stuff, helping a client achieve amazing nails ect but, big but here, i dont like being a pushy sales person, its just not me. if someone needs something for there nails ill recommend it, tell them benefits ect but really leave it up to the client if she wants to buy it or not. i nearly died when i had to do traffic stopping in the first interview and i left me feeling horrible tbh....
so should i go at all, is nails inc just all sales, sales, sales? any help would be great would love a job with a big nail company like this but i dont think i have the confidence for the sales part!
It is all sales sales sales, they give you targets every shift and its about £300 for an 8hr shift split between products and services and you have to upsell certain things, the worst was when it was quiet and you had to traffic stop to make your target. They also have tight timescales so you cant offer nail art etc. I left after a few months of being passed from shop to shop as they were constantly understaffed and I wouldn't go back. X
From what I've heard on nail geek, I really think sales is all nail inc. do. Have a search of the forum for nails inc. because there was a topic on here that made me think twice about the brand by how they treated their staff.

Sorry I have no experience in the topic, just thought I'd let you know xx
Hi, I worked there for 3yrs and loved it! Nails are my passion. I used to be so so shy but that soon changed after being there a few months! I learnt I had to come out of my shell if I wanted to stay there. I then became the top seller for our store and didn't really try. When you love something so much it just comes so natural. So if you go in with a negative attitude towards it you won't meet the targets.
Our commission back then was brilliant so you wanted to sell more plus the clientele were high spenders who were paying £70 for a full set (don't know prices today) so it was easy to add a bottle of polish to every sale.
I hated the traffic stopping though so just made sure I had as many regulars as possible to avoid doing that!
The managers really help though as they have targets too, so if the book is really quiet we used to put a '10%' sale on loyalty cards and ring all the customers just to hit targets!
Don't get me wrong there were some things that were done that I didn't agree with, which I won't mention on here, but I can't imagine what there overheads must be in stores like that so I don't blame them!
Hope that helps, all the best in whatever you decide!
What's traffic stopping?
I don't like doing the whole pushy retail thing as it makes me feel that I'm being a pain in the butt and pestering people.

I would like to experience working for nails inc. If it turned out to be rubbish you can always leave.
thanks everyone for all yer help and info. i decide not to go today just couldn't face the whole thing again really! looking into other jobs and options now.
thanks again:Love:
thanks everyone for all yer help and info. i decide not to go today just couldn't face the whole thing again really! looking into other jobs and options now.
thanks again:Love:

Why not check with CND at sweetSquared in Dublin? They may know of people who want a nail technician. You should get to know them.

I think you did the right thing ... You would have hated that job. :Love:
thanks geeg, good idea, will send off an email to them now and see :biggrin:
I think you made the right choice.

We are a service industry, not sales, even though sales does play a role in our income but I feel not to the point of sales being the primary focus.

I couldn't imagine anything worse than traffic stopping for a salon, let alone being the person that was approached, it would make my skin crawl to be honest.
I see that kind of thing as a "looking desperate" for sales issue, not providing great customer service and great nails which is what it should be about in my opinion anyway:)

Good luck with your search for the right salon to fit your style.

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