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Jan 12, 2003
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Bildeston, Ipswich
Had a client in today, left hand nails all perfect, no lifting, no cracking, no nothing.

Right hand, well there was nothing left!! They were all short natural overlays (Ret + Nail Fresh and AFP as used to suffer lifting). No damage to nails suggesting trauma. Client said that the overlays broke off from the free edge in little slithers until she was left with just a little bit. Now I know she is reliable and she says she's been using her Solar Oil religiously, and the fact that her left hand is perfect confirms this.

So what can have happened, any ideas as I'm fresh out of them!

That sucks.

Though I find it really odd that her dominant hand (I am assuming) has nothing on it yet she was commenting on breakage in 'slithers'.

Generally breakage and lifting do not go hand in hand (so to speak)... lifting can contribute to craking and force can contribute to tearing of product from plate... But you generally dont get 'the chipped away'... not without some damage being left behind.

Couple of Q's:

A- Which hand do you start (her left or right)
B- Which is her dominant hand
C- Was this a new overlay
D- Is this her first visit
E- How long after application did she start to have problems
F- From the first point of a problem becoming apparent, how long did it take for all the nails to come off?
G- Was she your first or last appointment of the day
H- Does she mumble to herself about Area 51 and small phrases like 'they are amoung us'?

FACT -- nails do not break in 'slivers' or any other way unless force is put upon them.
Sorry, but this lady is having you on - reliable or not. When one hand is perfect and the other is not, then she is doing something to that other hand -- sad but true! :(
There is a law called Newtons Law of Cause and Effect. Every effect has a cause, and unless you got amnesia and laid your product differently on the right hand, she will have to take responsibiity.
When she left the salon you had fulfiled your contract with this lady. What she does to them afterwards is up to her -- all 5 nails?? Please! This ranks right up there with the lady who once told me she had taken a shower and all 10 nails were in the plug when she got out! Right!!
Why do women try it on so much with nail technicians?? - to get free nails that's why.
Tell her politely but firmly that, it just doesn't happen that way and the rebalance cost will include 5 new nails.
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