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Jun 13, 2003
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Can someone give me a contact number for Nails UK for subscription, I see this is a popular one amongst all of you I currently subscribe to Professional Nails and have just contacted Scratch for a sample, and would love to get a sample of Nails UK, thanks :)
Hi Jenny

Give Diane Gimbert a call on 01353 616 506.
hi ya hollyballoo is nails uk as good as proffesional nails? i haven't heard of nails uk before :oops: (yipee another mag to read!) or do you think i could get buy with scratch and proffesional nails? thanks hunx
Hi Nicola

Nails UK is now known as just 'Nails'. Nails is an excellent trade mag covering basically the same as Professional Nails but with extra content. If you become a member of ANT you get your subscription with Nails free!

Scratch is more of an upbeat, funkey style mag. Prof Nails is going it alone later in the year, so I guess the mag will be more in direct competition with the other 3.

I personally subscribe to all 3, although my Prof Nails runs out in Sept. Thinking about it, I think I will continue with all 3 for another year to find out which one, if not all of them, I prefer!!

Sorry, don't know if that helped or not,
hi there

i currently have the scratch mag and then nails mag

can anyone give me the contact number for professional nails mag

so i can contact them

thanks in advance x ;)
hi the number you wanted for professional nails is 01371 810433

if you call and quote 'pro nails july/august' you can subscribe for £19.50 which is 20% off.

I'm reading all this in one of their mags! :D

hope that helps love linda.
wow thanks linda for that peice of info

will call them later definate

has anyone had there scratch 4 yet ?

hayl x :D
Cheers guys for all the info much appreciated, will give diane a call, have contacted Scratch just waiting on one coming through the post now!

Just to clarify - we have been refering to 'Nails' (formally Nails Plus) as Nails UK, because we have registered USA gals on this board who are used to Nails Magazine which is the American Mag (we added the UK on the board so we didn't confuse people)!! Nails US editor is Cindy Drummy, Nails UK editor is Kelly Mansfield!! Nails UK was the ORIGINAL and 1st UK professional nails magazine and they have been around for 6 years!! OK sermon over!! :oops: :oops:
hi ya peppercorn! i am a member of ANT so do get Nails :shock: what was i thinking :? i think its because of the UK on the end it confused me how embrassing lol :oops: thanks mrs geek for clearing it up for us! nickki jonesx :D
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