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Aug 16, 2003
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Hi all

Can anyone recommend a good name, something like ProStrong Nail Care, that is good in helping the natural nail grow? I have been asked by someone who is determined to grow her nails. She would like to grow her own nails and has stopped biting them. However, her natural nails keep breaking or splitting/flaking. Is there anything out there that can help keep her natural nails in good condition if she is not wearing extensions?

Any info much appreciated.

Emma :|
I would recommend she uses a good cuticle oil daily (ie. Solaroil) and also uses a nail strengthener like Toughen Up. Regular manicures will also help and she should try and keep her nails varnished at all times - even just clear varnish. This helps to protect the nails.

She will need to be patient !
Yep Solar oil and Toughen up are the team to use...........
Here is a link to the Technotes , Doug Schoon explains the difference between Formaldehyde and DMU....... a must read !!!!
What about Nail Magic (nail strengthener) or NailTek Formula II and cuticle oil...I just took my acrylics and I applied the NailTek Natural Alternative system (all nail extension under the free edge of your nails) splash.htm to my nails and I am using Nail Magic nail strengthener to make them strong and grow. I am tried of wearing acrylics (13 years).
I would check out the formaldehyde vs DMU technote as Ruth mentioned
but you do have to register to have a look, pretty simple....

I would also recommend the add to the list of products (solar oil and toughen up) Cutile eraser... A very good product to help maintain and help reveal tight healthy skin around the nail plate.
So... if I understand this correctly... (of which there is a high chance I don't lol)... in products that are Toulene and Formaldehyde free.. would they contain DMU as their 'strengthener' ???
Does Toulene do a similar thing to Formaldehyde? (sorry to sound thick here).
The products I use are free of both of these products.

I've read Doug Schoon's info on the link, it is really interesting and I can see me coming back from England in a few weeks with his book safely in my hand luggage ready for the journey home :D
Try Nailtiques Formular 2 it's great for strenghtening nails.

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